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Search engine optimization is all about being able to improve the efforts of an organization that reaches out to its customers. Inbound businesses do not require as much marketing, but even those companies can benefit from the services of an SEO reseller. Most internet marketing campaigns these days require some use of an Seo reseller plan, as this type of plan is easy to afford and does a lot of good for the marketing efforts of any company. Most SEO resellers have grown their businesses by helping new companies in particular. A new company will want to keep the cost of their marketing to a minimum, and the application of SEO best practices is a great way to keep the cost of web marketing low and the exposure to the market place high.

Almost 80 percent of search engine users say they typically click on natural search results, but there are also about 80 percent of search engine users that say they do not often click on sponsored search results. Those numbers may not inspire a lot of confidence in search marketing. However, it is key to know that Seo leads have a 14.6 percent close rate, compared to the rate of outbound leads, including direct mail and print advertising, which is less that 2 percent. Search marketing efficiency is clear, and the cost is typically lower than traditional outbound marketing.

A study of online retailers and service providers revealed that nearly 40 percent of all digital customers make a purchase after coming to the online store through the use of a search engine. Search marketing success is directly responsible for that. There are also about 65 percent of people that use smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to shop on the web.

That many sales through such a quick and reliable service led to more than $200 billion in electronic commerce during 2011. If you work at a company that needs to make more contact with its clients or customers, now is the time to learn all that you can about search marketing. If you run a company and do not have the time to learn as much about search marketing as an expert would know, simply hire one of those experts. Search marketing professionals will benefit your organization by helping you get a line into the billions of dollars being exchanged on the web as your company expands its online presence.

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