Internet Marketing Plans Replace Traditional Marketing Strategies

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In the past, major multinational corporations and smaller mom and pop shops alike both captured and retained customers for their products and services using traditional marketing strategies. One of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies consisted of placing large print advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Another one of the most popular marketing strategies consisted of placing large billboards in busy city intersections. Another one of the most popular marketing strategies consisted of showcasing products and services at large annual or semi annual conventions; during this period of time, the most successful companies always made sure to showcase their products and services at the conventions which regularly attracted millions of potential clients and investors.

Today, however, digital technologies such as the internet have obviated many of these traditional marketing strategies. Companies cannot expect to generate much revenue by marketing their products with print advertisements, billboards, and conventions now that the vast majority of consumers in the United States learn about new products and services through social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook or through popular searches such as Google. Some statistics about internet use support these observations. For example, did you know that search engine companies make more than $16 every year? Or that more than 90 percent of internet users use a search engine at one point? Or that most users only click the organic links, never click on the paid links, and rarely venture beyond the first or second page of a Google search?

Instead of relying upon these outmoded modes of marketing products and services, the most successful companies are starting to develop internet marketing plans to third party companies which develop internet marketing programs. Although details vary from company to company, most of the companies to which larger companies outsource internet marketing plans popular keywords and key phrases which are associated with their clients’ products and services. These companies which develop private label seo plans and white label SEO plans then write blog posts and articles which use those keywords and key phrases. Finally, these internet marketing companies post these articles on their clients’ websites or on websites which link internet users to the clients’ websites. By doing so, these companies which specialize in internet marketing ensure that their clients rank highly on internet searches.

Although most companies prefer to hire American and Canadian internet marketing companies, other companies complain that these American and Canadian companies charge an arm and a leg for their services. Therefore, in recent years, many larger companies have started to outsource internet marketing plans to Asian companies which offer the same services as their American counterparts for a fraction of the price. However, although some companies appreciate their affordable rates, other companies have complained that these companies produce content which is riddled with spelling errors and other grammatical errors.


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