Social Media is an Important Part of SEO


Social media can be a very time consuming prospect. However, it should not be ignored because nine out of 10 adults who are online use social media extensively. These people often use social media to gather opinions and feedback about products or services they are considering buying.

As a SEO reseller
, you should include services to resell social media to your clients. As with SEO, you clients probably do not have the time or expertise to work on their social media presence to a successful end. When you resell social media services, you will be providing a valuable service.

Many smaller, local businesses such as salons, doctors, restaurants, and retail business can benefit from these social media services. It will help the spread information about their business via social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

When you resell social media services, you can also help your clients who can be affected by review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare. You can also help them with reputation management in this area as well.

When you resell social media, you will be providing your customers with reports detailing the progress of your efforts. These reports will be similar to those you use with their SEO and Internet marketing efforts.

When you make an appointment to resell social media, you should make sure your potential clients understand that this is just one part of an overall marketing plan to increase online sales via their website.

You should point out the many reasons they need professional SEO services. The search engine industry is worth about $16 million dollars and plays an important part in search marketing. Your clients, including those you intend to resell social media services to, should understand that 93% of users online experience begin with a search engine visit, and 70% of those users will only click on organic links. Additionally, according to online retailers and service providers, more than 39% of all customers come from search results.

As you can see, having the ability to resell social media, as well as SEO services, gives you the ability to provide a full package of digital marketing tools to your client base.

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