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Why Search Marketing Matters

Written by admin on January 30, 2014. Posted in Online sales, Outsource seo, Seo reseller programs

Search engine optimization

In this day and age, search engines are one of the most commonly used websites on the entire internet. People often turn to search engines to hook themselves up with a product or service, and they do so especially often when they have no idea where to find certain services. For instance, a person might search for lawnmowers on Google. When he or does does so, he or she wants to trust that the results will be both pertinent to lawn mowing and helpful.

With that said, search marketing is a huge part of online marketing. Importantly, 70 percent of the links search users click on are organic, so it is important for companies to only have organic links online. Approximately thr

Social Media is an Important Part of SEO

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Social media can be a very time consuming prospect. However, it should not be ignored because nine out of 10 adults who are online use social media extensively. These people often use social media to gather opinions and feedback about products or services they are considering buying.

As a SEO reseller
, you should include services to resell social media to your clients. As with SEO, you clients probably do not have the time or expertise to work on their social media presence to a successful end. When you resell social media services, you will be providing a valuable service.

Many smaller, local businesses such as salons, doctors, restaurants, and retail business can benefit from these social media services. It will help the sp